Wednesday, 3 September 2008

FINALLY - a crocodile pet

Well, after MONTHS of fishing quest, one of my characters got a crocodile pet. It's a shame that it wasn't Sephrenia, but still - it does prove they exist.

Also - beware of Gnome mages. Their eating habits have a strange effect on their digestive systems.... I think it might be time to change my in game boyfriend :)


Hochopecha said...

U can´7 switch out me hun and u know it. U crave me just as much as u crave Hocholat.

amaryllis said...

Grats :)

Aurik said...

Congrats on the little Croc!


Will said...

Grats on the croc pet.

This may sound like bragging but it isn't. I have two of the pets on two toons. However, what I wanted was the hat. I have three toons doing the fishing daily and just this weekend got the hat on one toon....FINALLY. (This is why it is not bragging).

I know the feeling. So again grats on the pet.