Tuesday, 2 September 2008

What is worse than wiping at 1% on Rage Winterchill?

.... Wiping TWICE at 1% on Rage Winterchill.

So we went back for a second look at MH. People had farmed their PVP trinkets, bought (or made) potions and food. We felt good.

Of course, we are not called "Common Sense" for nothing. While most of us were gathering around the portal entrances someone who was not in our first MH venture wandered in to check the place out. He saw a pretty lady he could speak to, and of course he broke the ultimate law of instances - to quote from Wowwiki "As players should have learned at this level of progression, talking to NPCs can be dangerous, even if they're friendly". I had to hold some of the guys back as Jaina shouted for help and we watched as he died. Still, at least he learned how to run back to the instance :)

We had a few new people, so we went through the tactics and began the event. First try we got to the boss and got him to 45% or so as it was the first time we had seen him and people needed to learn and adjust to his attacks.

Second try was amazing - we got him to 1% - the noise on vent was incredible. Every try we have had in the instance over the 2 nights we have been there, we had improved. What was the "only" improvement on a 1% wipe? Someone said "a 1% wipe with him on less health" - we achieved it, sadly.

By this time it was getting late and people had to leave so we called it.

This is the kind of stuff I read in other people's blogs, not my own. It would be funny if it hadn't happened to us. Ah well, we'll try again and next time I feel sure we will get there. A few of the guild need trinkets, some need to work on their dps.

The trouble with my guild is how do you tell a dps person who has less dps than the tank how to play their character that they have played for so long. If we had taken a few different people along, I'm convinced that we would have got him down, but how, in a "casual" raiding guild do you tell people that they just don't make the cut, when tools like Be Imba tell them their gear is good enough to go somewhere. It's a tricky one and goes back to my post of the other day - that one was more about people not having the right gear for a raid, but also can be extended to skill I think.

I think the new guild council has some work cut out for it to help people to improve not only their gear, but also their ability. Maybe the time has come to stop being NICE (definition: Nothing Inside me cares enough) and start teaching people in a different way and help them develop as a player, not as their character. Unfortunately some folks (me included) mistake caring for "kindness" and avoid anything "negative". I wish "criticism" didn't have a negative connotation, since an open mind and willingness to achieve greatness, along with some good criticism, can be a recipe for amazing success. I wish I could work out a better way to help people.

Ah well, deep enough for today - back to pets, funny stuff and trying to get add-ons working in the beta.


Mushy said...

Assign someone from the council, Dan will do since no one likes him anyways, to be the blunt person - it's their job to say to people "Hey, you suck! You have the wrong gems, wrong enchants, your gear is awful and you don't know how to play in general" then offer some helpful advice, or to be a little nicer about it and offer advice in a polite way :P

Nightpaw said...


gl for next attempt.

I suggest screenshotting dps meters and privately showing to the person, pointing out that their gear is (I assume) comparable to most others in the raid. Maybe point them in the direction of some useful class advice. Actually, ideally get someone of their class/spec to talk to them. There's not much else you can do... there's no nice way of telling someone they need to L2P cos they're holding 24 others back. But if you want to progress, you have the option of either doing that or leaving them out every single time (if that's even possible) and leaving them to work it out for themselves.

Justy said...

The thing is, because were all friends in the guild (and not "hardcore" as some may say...) I dont think anyone will take offense if you give them advice or tell them how to improve a little, change gear or whatever, just dont be overly negative :)

In our situation i think they will see where youre coming from.
IMO i'd like to know if i was underperforming.

You can't avoid being a little blunt. Well thats my thoughts anyway :)