Thursday, 11 September 2008

Lurker Down! Nice present for Sephrenia

My lovely guild went to SSC on Monday. We didn't have our resistance geared tanks, so skipped past Hydross and went to play with The Lurker Below. We had 4 tries and each one was more successful that the last, but some people were having challenges with the spout. Still, it was good practice.

Wednesday's progress raid came around and we went back again, with a little more reading, clearer tactics and more determination. The trash clearing was our typical messy scramble, but we pulled it off with one one wipe due to an oops pull. But was all one of our mages fault last night (he won our blame roll - a roll we do at the start of a raid to decide whose fault it is for anything that happens - strange that it often seems to be the mages that win it, but then we do have more than our fair share of mages).

Anyway - we got to Lurker, explained all the tactics, practiced getting into the water and out again and set off fishing. We had a specific order of killing things in phase 2 - melee mobs (avoid the cleave), one on the little islands and keep one sheeped. A few Battle Resses, lots of shouting on vent to avoid the spouts and 14 minutes later the big fishie was down. A guild first - fantastic.

Everyone was ressed and we looked at the loot - Squeee - [Earring of Soulful Meditation] - the ONE thing in the game I've wanted for sooo long and was willing to lose my number one spot on our Suicide Kings list for - I was sooooo happy. THE best priest trinket in the game is mine - all mine (laughs evilly). Our main tank got some [Hammer thing] he was after too. Oh and there was [something] for one of our trees.

So - it was 20 minutes until the end of raid - where to next? Let's take a look about...

We decided that she was probably a tank and spank job and (after losing a few people who were worried about spending 5g on repairs and wasting time having a fun wipe) we set to her. Hell, if we can get Rage Winterchill to 1% twice, surely some watery tart will be a piece of cake!

We got her to 75%.... and with only 23 of us.... (probably more like 21 as 2 sneaky people seem to be out of range according to my grid settings - chickens)...

It got a bit messy then - she summons water elemental thingies and a big tendril guy comes wandering over. He wasn't much fun. We died - quite fast actually. Even though we wiped on Vashj (what a surprise), we all had a great evening - new boss down - paid a visit to the last boss - and all in 2 hours. We're going back on Monday to see who else we can show some "Common Sense" madness to.

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