Sunday, 29 June 2008

Visit to Molten Core

As the summer has arrived less and less people seem keen on going to the swimming pool in SSC and want to head for the beach or some other RL destination instead. I decided that rather than try to get 25 people together for a raid, I would schedule an "Old School" raid to Molten Core for our Saturday night fun. There are many people in the guild who, having never been "hardcore", have never seen more than 1 or 2 bosses in MC.

We fortunately had a lock (who HAD soulshards - oh my - there's a novelty - a lock arriving at a raid with shards) who could summon inside so cries of "I'm not attuned" were ignored and people were invited to join. Through the evening we varies between 15 and 23 people in the raid. I got a bit over anxious (baaad memories) and asked 2 guys to respec healer, which they didn't really need to be - sorry guys - GB will sort it.

We had a blast! We had about 4 or 5 deaths total - Baron Geddon's farts seemed to be the worst killer. The biggest challenge was finding enough members with [Eternal Quintessence] and we had to swap a few members in and out to get the fires doused, but after a 10 minute forced cooldown break (during which time one Council member went to Shattrah and begged - with no luck) we put out the last fire and Majordomo arrived.

All those who had been to MC in previous lives panicked - we only had one mage - how would we manage? We set up targets, sheeped one, nuked the rest - someone called out which mob was next and it all happened surprisingly fast. Even being thrown in the burning pit had little effect. Easy!

So - on to Ragnaros himself - I had goosebumps and a shiver down my spine as the music started playing and all my old memories came flooding back. We spent a bit of time explaining the fight and the elemental spawns to everyone (remember the countdown? - "30 seconds to elementals" - "all need to be in position" - "run, RUN..."). Well, we didn't need any of that! The poor big guy gave up the fight before we even got elementals - it was comical, even farcical and, in a funny sort of way, kind of sad. This guy used to be SO HARD, you really had to be coordinated and now he was squashed like a fly.

We took the ubiquitous "first kill for the guild" shot and our only mage made us all a portal home after a fun, but not quite as thrilling as it used to be, evening out. There's talk of BWL next week.... having killed everything but Nefarian there before, I'd quite like to go - I think I may have a stack of [Scale of Onyxia] left on a bank somewhere and my rogue can make [Onyxia Scale Cloak] - wonder if we will still need them?

Trust a Mum to be prepared :)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah you still need the cloaks, shadowflame still hurts, lost half a raid in a PuG run to it, still won the fight of course, being 70 has it's advantges.