Friday, 27 June 2008

Fire Festival

Well, I'm still enjoying the fire festival. Sadly, with 17 kills of Ahune there's still no sign of my pet, but it's a really great fight to be part of from a healer perspective. You have to be on your toes and use spells you wouldn't normally use on a boss fight. There's little time so Greater Heal is pretty much out of the question then in phase 2 of the fight you need to be doing some dps as well. Kestrel has done a fantastic guide on how to kill this boss.

Another great source of information I found about the fire festival in general is in "A Dwarf Priest's" guide .

I'm no great writer of guides, theory and stuff, but I'm fantastic at finding information from other sources and I intend to share the sources of my knowledge with you here.

Another guide to how to catch those blasted torches is found here . This is a hard quest for a keyboard turner like me, but if you can time it so there aren't many people around it's much easier and also people don't get to see you messing it up :)

As I said in my previous post, I've already spent 700 blossoms on a new pet and brazier and am now saving for a nice new dress [Vesment of Summer]

Happy festival all!


Cynra said...

As a healing priest, I found the Ahune fights to be pleasantly challenging. Mind you, the first and only time we did the run on heroic, my Shadowfriend Cuddles somehow pulled the patrol behind Ahune, leaving us with battling numerous small spawns, three naga, and loads of fun. I still don't know how it managed it, but it made for an interesting fight!

And I was lucky; with my perky priestess's current level of progression, none of the drops from Ahune are an upgrade for me. I did, however, manage to snag the pet on that one fight. Csilla can now claim to be a shaman!

Sephrenia said...

Oh, now I am SOOOO jealous - I'm up to 27 kills and no sign of the pet now. Same with my gear - I don't want any of the normal drops - only the pet! I too have managed to be in a group that pulled the pack behind, but I think we were on normal do it was a bit easier!

(on a side note - I did manage to snage Phoenix Hatchling on my first visit to MgT, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too loudly)