Thursday, 26 June 2008

About my Guild

We're a small guild, we're a bunch of somewhat older people who sometimes raid, later in the evenings. We have people with kids, jobs, real life and stuff that means we can't join in on the "hardcore" raids that start at 7 server time. Our raids start at 10pm server time and go on for 2 hours - we're all tired and ready for bed after that amount of time - how people concentrate for 4 hours or more is beyond me!

We have some guild guidelines which explain our loot system - we use Suicide Kings which is a system that distributes loot to those who haven't had anything recently and doesn't penalise those who don't raid. We've got a vent server for all to use, a guild bank (which only Council members can withdraw from), we ask that people specify a "main" character, but allow all alts in the guild (one member has 9 characters in the guild - he's working on getting them all to 70 - eeek).

We're made up of a core of players who have been together for 2 years or so and the guild is run by a Council (of 5-7 members) who take it in turns to organise raids and generally run things. My role is sort of Guild Mum - people seem to talk to me first (maybe it's easier to talk to a female). I try to make contact personally with guild members at least once a week to catch up on how they are feeling, if they need help with anything, how their RL is ... all that sort of stuff. I leave all the "hard stuff" to the other Council members. One sorts the GB, one or two usually lead the raids, one more often than not sorts the healing (although playing a Holy priest I get involved in this too).

Several members have joined us along the way after becoming burnt out by hardcore raiding and who have realised that RL>WOW. We accept anyone who has the same belief that we do. We don't actively recruit - with so many people playing so many characters it would be hard to know which class we're short on - it varies from week to week. One week we're short on healers, the next tanks - one week we even lacked dps!

We're not terribly "progressed" as far as raiding goes - we've cleared Kara, done 2 bosses in ZA, can do Gruul and Mag with ease (when enough people are online) and have downed Hydross. Recently we've been experimenting with speed Kara runs - our best was 2 hours 50 minutes and included a comfort break after we'd all been to the Opera. I'll tell you all about that some time. This pic is our first ever visit to Kara - and yes, that's me in the [Lovely Red Dress].

My core aim for the guild, and for its members is to have FUN. Generally to enjoy playing and not find it a chore and occasionally have the tears roll down your face laughing so much. I get far more out of what I do now than I ever did during my "hardcore" raiding days and much as I'd love to see some more raid content I wouldn't go back.


Anonymous said...

W00t! Looking good :) Glad you decided to take the plunge.

Don't forget to head over to Blog Azeroth if you haven't already, and introduce yourself.

Also, has a link to send us some info to post in the wiki.

(Oh...and could you enable anonymous comments? That way WordPress users can ID themselves with their site URL.)

Verenus said...

Ooo I'm in that picture :p Feel kinda bad my owl is blocking Herakus though , maybe we should redo it sometime ;)

Take care and see you in-game soon again, and keep up the nice posts :)