Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Ulduar - bleurgh!

Well, all the excitement is about Ulduar and from what I've read I don't want to go. It seems the first boss will be a mechanoid sort of thing where you will have to fight through waves of army vehicles on vehicles of your own - siege weapons, tanks, motorbikes and the like.

I play this game to play my character - I heal. I have 11 or so heals at my disposal. I even use most of them from time to time. I work on my gear to tweak my skills and abilities. WHY on earth would I want to go with 24 other people and mess about in a vehicle or on a motorbike with 5 or 6 controls, of which 1 or 2 might be heals?

These are the reasons I hate vehicles.....

1. They don't work properly with my tweaked action bars.
2. They are "clunky".
3. They are all called the same thing - you can't differentiate between people easily.
4. I want to play the character I created, not one that someone else made for me that is the same as everyone elses.
5. They don't look pretty.
6. Just .. NO.

I hate Malygos phase 3, I have Wrymrest temple dailies, I hate Nexus dailies. I've not got very far with Sons of Hodir because you have to use other things - bears, dragons, etc. I don't go to Wintergrasp or Strand of the Ancients - not only because I hate pvp, but also because of the vehicle things.

If this is the way forward for WOW then Blizzard will be losing a player who has been with them over 3 years. And I don't think I will be the only one. Sad panda.


Mariposa said...

I admit to be less than excited but I find the whole motorcycle thing more interesting than flying about on a dragon. Shame it uses the stats on your gear though, otherwise I would be in my black mageweave set (suits the whole biker chick thing).

Anonymous said...

yeah, i hate it too, but it is only one boss out of 14. so i hope the vehicle-loving-fools out there have fun while im looking forward to the other 13 bosses. could be way worse.

Esdras said...

I seen a video of uldar real or no i dont know but there was invisible floors on one of the fights.

I have only just started to get the hang of vehicles in WG and SOTA and quite like it now. said...

well i am sadly surprised to learn this. vehicles in a raid instance ? what has that to do with playing your character in a D&D style MMO like Warcraft ? If a wanted vehicles i'd play GTA or something. Throw them vehicles out of Warcraft Blizzard I don't want them !