Monday, 2 February 2009

Best GM interaction ever!

I decided yesterday to tidy up my Warcraft pets collection and make it for a single character (now I have a croc - did I tell you I finally got a croc?).

I noticed that I did not have a mechanical chicken. This is the one you get as a reward for doing 3 homing chicken quests in Ferelas, Hinterlands and Tanaris. I had no idea which I'd done on Seph (if any), so decided to ask a GM. I put in a ticket and waited a while (quite a while actually, but it was the weekend).

I was standing around in Darnassus, when a GM popped up in front of me and asked me, in normal "say" if I was having chicken troubles. I said yes - I didn't know which I'd helped to rescue and which I had missed. The GM told me that I'd only done the one in Ferelas and that I should search elsewhere for the others.

This was the conversation...

Suddenly 2 enormous chickens spawned...

El Pollo Grande from the guild The Black Chicken of Death.

These were quickly killed and 2 more came...

I almost fell off my chair laughing.

The GM continued...

I was turned into a pirate with a pumpkin head and rose petals cascading down - which I said was ugly, so I became a ninja..

The person next to us at the bank who commented that it would help my search was turned into a leper gnome and was blasted into the air! I mentioned that the GM's level was a bit low (was 70) and it instantly changed to lvl 80 :)

It all happened so very fast that I didn't get as many screenies and I could have done, but it certainly brought a huge smile to my face. If only all customer service interactions could be as much fun!

Oh and I went to Hinterlands and killed half of it to get my drop, then to Tanaris and repeated my killing spree in Zul'Farrak to happily escort both chickens safely home.... I was rewarded for my efforts with a little friend of my own...

The more eagle eyed among you may also notice that I got my elders done too and was rewarded with another title. What a great weekend!


Thomas said...

Thanks for this post! I am a vanity pet collector as well and I need that pet too. I am 80 now and happily forgotten if I did any parts.

I will open a ticket right away. Not asking the GM to do the same to me though :)

Softi said...

Oh my god you're so lucky! I've tried being flirty/cheeky/friendly and I've never had a GM do anything like that!

Bet your jaw was on the floor for a wee while after that eh! hehe :)

Esdras said...

OMG that is epic.

That GM is possibly one of the best i have seen, i also am never that lucky.

I will need to see which ones ive never done i think i still need hinterlands one.

Justy said...

Here is the Add-on i mentioned:

"Title Swapper"