Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hurrah - 10 man Naxx defeated

Well, this week on Wednesday I was invited by a guild friend to join another bunch of friends in a bid to complete Naxx 10-man. Like I may have mentioned before we're having trouble fitting it all in but we made a start on Wednesday while the rest of the guild were doing OS and WG. We cleared 3 wings.

On Sunday we started earlier than usual and made our way swiftly to Sapphiron. Everyone had crafted their Frost Resist gear so we made easy work of him and snagged our second EoE key for the guild.

On to Kel'Thuzad. We had about 3 learning tries on him while we worked out all the bits and pieces we all needed to do and down he went!

Much rejoicing and a new wand for Seph.

I gathered my minions around his throne and began my new reign - muahahaha...

Have to do something about the decor though - the purple is OK, but the skulls are a little depressing.

The guild is up for some tries on the last bits in Naxx 25 tonight - we've got 4 horsies and then Sapphiron and KT to go - wish us some luck!


Esdras said...


I still have a few bosses to go my problem is i always pug it so go in for a few bosses one week then next week is the same just cant get myself a group to run straight through.

Phox said...

Nice picture. Now we whant to see the 25-man one ;)

Time to clean up at work and go home. See you later seph