Monday, 2 March 2009

It's been a while...

... I've just not been in the mood to write really. The kids were off school for a week and it's taken me a bit to recover. I also had a tummy upset, which didn't help. Then I had a lot of clearing up and sorting out from having 2 weeks doing very little.

So - what has Seph been up to?

I finally got my Sons of Hodir things done so I'm at least friendly. When I get the motivation I'll push to honored, but I'm not going to grind. I just can't be bothered. I did have a giggle at some of the quests though. I loved the way when you used one of the guys as a vehicle, instead of being on their shoulders as I expected, they picked you up in their hand and carried you along.

When I finished one quests, the guy carrying me dropped me and caused me 2k of damage. Bit rough those Hodir boyos.

I finally got round to beating Halls of Lightning Heroic as well. I had one dreadful try on Loken several months ago and have never been back, but this week cast that aside and did the whole place. Managed to get a few other achievements along the way in there too.

The highlight for me of this last week has been BWL. We managed to scrape together 14 or so guildies and venture in. It was, however, horrible riding to Blackrock Mountain for me. It brought back all sorts of hideous memories from my hardcore raiding days. Struggling to get there on time, fighting hordes and dying lots and playing my rogue. I just can not recall why I ever rolled a rogue, or how I managed to level it to 70.

But - it did remind me what I love about my current guild and why I gave up trying to be a 17 year old with no responsibility to move here.

BWL, even though I loved it, was almost a let down. It was so easy. The bosses were barely distinguishable from normal mobs. Vael went down before we started the fight almost. It was odd. Until we got to Nefarian.

Can I just say - who named him? What kind of a person names a key bad guy VICTOR? They may as well have called him Kevin (apologies to all Kevins).

Anyway - we had a few learning experiences - not many of us had cloaks, we had a lot of mages (was hilarious seeing giraffes and cos and stuff wandering about), but in the end we got him and I have another achievement that I am proud of. Even if I am 20 levels too late, I am pleased to have cleared BWL having only ever tried Nefarian once when I had the right level.

Finally - for my old guild friend Verenus - here is a screenie of the quest they named after you...

How cool is it to have a quest named after your character. Now there's an idea for a tag, meme thing - if you had a quest named after your character in WOW what would it be? I'll have to think about that one for Seph, but it would probably involve helping someone, hugging and chocolate somehow...


Mariposa said...

Mine would involve lots of killing, preferably of small fluffy things, possibly gnomes

Spaceball said...

Salty Spaceballs is the name of the quest and it will require catching some balls of space and cook them with salt, reward will be ofc an epic receipe: Salty Spaceballs.