Thursday, 12 February 2009

YAY - Naxx 25 two days after Naxx 10

We did it!

We had 37 people sign up for a raid - it was so hard being on the Council trying to make a team to go, knowing that some would be let down and disappointed.

We finally got a group together and went and one shot 4 horsies (no priestly loot - that means NO T7 tokens for the whole clearance for priests - Boo Hoo). We one shot Sapphiron.

He dropped a nice dress which I blew my SK place on. I still find it annoying that I have to wear a tabard and cover how lovely it looks...

We moved on to KT. We had 3 or 4 tries and with an "almost going to be 1% wipe, but we pulled it off" escape he died!

Well done to all who were there, sorry to those who were not, but I'm sure that we will see it happen more times now we know we can do it. He didn't drop any priesty T7 either. Please Blizzard can we have some loot this week that would benefit our poor little priests?

Now - on to achievements - Valentines stuff - no time to raid this week - only got 5 days to get all that work done.

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Esdras said...

Grats again, i need to find myslef a new guild preferably one who raids later on in the day.

may need to leave server to do it though.