Saturday, 31 January 2009

CROC! Finally a CROC! Yes, yes, yes!

Well, I have done the fishing daily practically every day since it hit in patch 2.4 almost a year ago. I have never got a crocodile and never got a hat on Seph at all. My rogue and druid both have crocs and druid has a hat, but Seph has been unlucky.

Today, that changed...

As you can tell from my Guild Chat response, I was a bit happy. Me and snarly went for a "get to know you" chat in a quiet corner of Dalaran...

He's a little cutie isn't he?

I've been de-stessing a little, as you can see from my recent achievements.

The pest control and Squirrel loving were quite easy once I'd made my list (I'm a great list maker - I have scraps of paper all over my desk). I managed a lot of them as I toured the world Elder hunting. I also did a few more zones for my Explorer title. Tonight I'm going for the last 7 Elders. The dungeon ones. Should be fairly easy.

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Esdras said...

Hi Mum,

I have not got it either but i must admit i stopped doing the daily a long time ago.

I will go back to do it in a bit because the fish hooks are pretty handy.

My bank character actually has the monicle and antique silver cuffs that i got from the fishing daily.