Saturday, 17 January 2009

Friday Five (on Saturday)

Well, my reader list was at 36 messages by the time I'd finished WOW last night and it was too late to do much, so I didn't see Anna's Friday Five until Saturday morning....

They appealed to me again, but got me thinking. Much as I quite fancy proper RP - Seph is just too much like an extension of me to do real stuff. Most of the answers I think are basically me, not things I've invented and rolled into my character. Maybe I'll try that one day, but I've always been a Mathematician and not one who is great at English or imagination stuff. Ah well, I'm going to answer the questions anyway.

1. Does your character collect anything? Is that collection of any value to anyone other than them?

Sephrenia collects pets. She has 76 currently and is looking after another egg that she hopes will hatch into another one tomorrow.

2. What just irritates the hell out of your character? What makes them happy (in a silly way, like bubbles or balloons or goldfish), if anything?

Ironforge irritates the hell out of her - well, the old before TBC Ironforge in particular. Kids juming about everywhere, whirling, leaping, moving very fast backwards and forwards in front of her. Urgh!

One thing that makes he spectacularly happy is hugs, kisses or other signs of affection before a raid. She loves feeling appreciated, needed, wanted and singled out for someone else's attention.

3. What is your character’s favorite thing to eat?

Chocolate. Chocolate cake and a nice cup of tea.

4. If your character knew he or she would die tomorrow, how would they spend today?

She would go to the beach (one without murlocs) and sit with her loved ones watching the ocean until the sun set over it.

5. What is in your character’s pockets?

Papa-Hummel's pet biscuits, critter bites and a bit of soggy chocolate cake.

(And a bonus question, because it never fails to make me giggle when I think about it: If your character were a zombie… what kind of zombie would they be? (examples: braiiins. (subdued zombie). Braaains? (curious zombie). GRAAAIIIINS! (angry vegetarian zombie) ) - feel free to be totally off the wall with this one!)

Seph would be horrified, completely mortified, full of shame and hide from everyone until she died.

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Kerah said...

Mmm chocolate cake!

Happy to see you still having fun and writing your blog, Seph. I hear from Ash about you guys once in a while, but I really enjoy reading up on you and the others =)