Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Almost a chef

Well, I've finally got as far as I can on my way to being Chef Sephrenia. All I need now is for Blizzard to actually make the achievement possible. This is apparently coming in patch 3.0.8.

My guild were all in Naxx 25 last night, but I had stuff to do so missed out. Guild chat was incredibly quiet. Nobody spoke to me in Officers chat either. So I bit the bullet and thought that I would try and get the Dinner Impossible Achievement.

I pre-made my 5 feasts and went to the BG area. I signed myself up for WSG, AB and AV. Up popped WSG. I laid out my feast. People nommed. Up popped AB, so I quickly left WSG and joined AB. More feasting.... This time I had to go do a bit of fighting, well, healing. I was in the middle of being splatted by a warrior/rogue combo when AV popped up. I died valiantly, ressed and moved on to AV. The 3 people also in the BG enjoyed my feast. I quit and went to make a cup of tea while my scary cat buff thing wore off.

Two more to go.... EOTS and SotA. I'd never been to SotA, but EOTS popped up first, so I laid out my wares. Nobody seemed interested, except the Horde Warrior who showed as much love for me as the previous one. Again, thankfully, the next BG popped up and I hot-footed out of there.

EotS - I arrived on a boat. I laid out my feast. Hurrah - I achieved!

The 2 people on the boat sat down to eat with me. The boat set off and my lovely feast didn't move with us..... we sailed off into the distance without our dinner!

I wandered about trying to get on the vehicles (with no joy), found a few people to heal, met another aggressive Warrior and the BG ended because we didn't have enough people.

But - it was short and sweet and I've managed to get all but my Northrend Gourmet done, so I was happy.

The guild also managed to down Noth and Heigan (Heroic), so it was a good night - wish I'd been there, but ah well.... another day.

Oh and it's been croc fishing quest 2 days running, but STILL no luck for me on that front. I am amazed that Blizzard made 4 pets available from a rare drop on a quest that only shows up once or twice in a blue moon. Whine, whine....

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Anonymous said...

I thought the people putting down feasts in Bg's were being nice.. but was miffed when I read through the cooking achievements and found it was a requirement. :)