Friday, 13 March 2009

Quiet times - but busy too

Things have been a bit quiet for me. Well, actually, they have not. We've had a run of guild drama that has left me somewhat exhausted and quite sad. I don't want to share it, even here in MY space, so I'm not going to discuss that. Instead I'm going to fill you in on what I've been doing to take my mind off things.

Reputation. I decided that I wanted some more tigers. I have the Black War tiger - yes, dear follower, I actually did some pvp a long time ago in order to get my 30 of each token so Seph could have a tiger. At the time it seemed easier than grinding rep or farming cloth. Since the change in the way you earn reputation things have got a bit easier. The only place I was exalted with was Stormwind. Because I have played Night Elves, I know their starting area so decided to begin my reputation grind in Teldrassil.

I had enormous fun smacking level 1-4 boars with my staff and managed to level up my skill to 390 odd. It was incredibly therapeutic to wander up to a Grell and hit it to death with one shot. I thoroughly enjoyed running through Ban'ethil Barrow Den beating up the teddies - those buggers had it coming for being so horrible to my poor rogue about 3 years ago.

It took me about 2 or 3 hours to do all the starting level quests and a fair few I found in Darnassus too. I achieved my exalted status (what no shouting achievement - boo hoo) and bought 6 tigers.

A few days later I had a bit more free time and headed off for the Gnome / Dwarf start area. I have never had a Gnome or Dwarf. I just can't seem to make one that looks pretty enough for me. This was a whole new area for me. And it was just as much fun and provided just as much therapy. (Not quite as much therapy as buying a Kirin Tor ring did, but therapy all the same).

Took me a bit longer to finish up my Ironforge rep, but I managed it in another evening. I headed off to buy my rams (and a rabbit to stick up on the neutral AH - tidy little 25g profit there - might have to do a few more).

Finally I managed an achievement for all my work...

I was a little disappointed when I tried to buy a mechanostrider. I didn't know there was a gnomeregan exiles faction (d'oh). So - back to Ironforge and I picked up all the Gnomeregan quests - I can't quite believe I've never done all those early quests (but was also somewhat relieved that I hadn't). Gnomeregan fell (again) to the might of Sephrenia....

I noticed this bit of chat from Techbot I'd never seen before which made me giggle...

I've still got quite a bit of work to do on my Gnomer rep - I'm trying to decide whether to chase about the world doing quests for rep, or farm runecloth, or buy it. I think I will see how the week goes and decide.

I did some raiding.

That is the Heroic Achievement Heroic: Momma Said Knock You Out. Given the improvements in gear most of our guild now have it was an easy one and saved me from my MC duties - hurrah!

I did some fishing for +hit food ready for Razuvious. My little green dolly kept me company.

Next up is the Exodar and all the quests there so I can get some elephants and my "Ambassador" title. Then I might try to get enough money to travel about Outlands and buy up all the mounts I can there and maybe, just maybe get a white drake for my troubles.

Oh - as an aside - my son has been playing his Orc warrior and working with his guild very hard on the Sarth +3 drakes achievement. Last night they managed it! He was fast off the mark with his roll for the Twilight Drake and rolled a 100. He's such a lucky little devil. He went to bed amazingly happy and I think the smile was still etched on his face this morning.

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